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Here we go..

This is very difficult for me.
Honestly, i've been trying to get back into writing for the past 6years. Im so tempted to use excuses like "oh my boys have been keeping me busy" or "i really have nothing to write about these days", but i have to admit that none of that is true. Back in Uni i used to write every single day. I would scribble on the back of receipts, write poems on my lecture notes and blog every time i couldn't sleep, questioning my academic choices at 2 in the morning. But these days, all i seem to find myself doing is scrolling up and down my Instagram explore feed, randomly questioning people's outfits and lunch meals.

Ibs would say something like "mama, stop doing WORK on your phone"!

I never correct him of course, he doesn't need to know the complex workings of an IG post or the social impact of a comment on someone else's FB status... just yet :P

The desire to write never really left, and i don't have an answer t…

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